Parks and Facilities

Our Parks & Recreation Department maintains more than a dozen parks and facilities in Tooele City.  Most parks have pavilions and many have restroom facilities (available April 15 – October 15).  Many of the park pavilions are available to reserve for parties or events.  All softball and baseball fields must be reserved for use.  See below for a list of Parks and Facilities.

Each year reservations for Park Pavilions open on January 2nd (unless January 2nd is on a weekend, then reservations open the first working day of the new year). Reservations for pavilions are only accepted for April 15 – October 15, use before or after that time frame is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations for ball fields and Left Hand Fork will open on January 2nd (or the first working day of the new year) and must be done in person at the Parks and Recreation Office at Tooele City Hall (90 North Main Street, Tooele) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Reservations for the Dow James Building and the Youth Center follow separate schedules. Visit the Dow James Recreation Complex page and the Youth Center page for more information.

Fees must be paid before the reservation is scheduled. Reservations will not be taken over the phone. If you have any questions, please call 435.843.2143.

You can help keep our parks and playgrounds looking good by identifying problems and sending recommendations to our Parks and Recreation Office. Click HERE to submit your recommendation.

Occasionally our Park crews find items that have been left behind in the City Parks.  If you think you may have left items behind or lost items at one of Tooele City’s parks, please call us at 435.843.2143 to inquire if your lost item has been turned in to us.


Park/Facility Address Amenities Pavilion Rental Fee
Aquatic Center Park 55 North 200 West, Tooele Restroom, barbecue grill, pavilion, playground $20 (1/2 day)
$30 (full day)
Copper Canyon Park 265 West Slate Street, Tooele Restroom, barbecue grill, pavilion, playground, swing set, soccer $10 (1/2 day)
$15 (full day)
Dow James Building 438 West 400 North, Tooele Power, restrooms, kitchen serving area, basketball See Dow James Recreation Complex Page
Dow James Park 435 West 400 North, Tooele Playground, pavilion, barbeque grill, power, skate park, soccer, baseball field, basketball $30 (fee)
$50 (damage deposit)
Elton Park 400 North Broadway, Tooele Restroom, barbeque grill, playground, swing set, volleyball, soccer, baseball field, softball field, basketball $10 (1/2 day)
$15 (full day)
England Acres 880 North 400 East, Tooele Barbeque grill, pavilion, playground, restroom, soccer, swing set, walking/jogging path $15 (1/2 day)
$20 (full day)
Gleneagles Park 971 North 600 West, Tooele Barbeque grill, playground, soccer, picnic tables (two), swing set No Reservation Required
Linear Park 1450 North Durocher Lane, Tooele Picnic tables (two), barbeque grill, playground, soccer No Reservation Required
Parkers Park 202 West DiMaggio Drive, Tooele Restroom, picnic tables (six), playground, swing set, baseball field No Pavilions at this Park
Rancho Park 900 West Timpie Road (950 South), Tooele Restroom, barbecue grill, swing set, playground, basketball, skate park, soccer, pavilion $10 (1/2 day)
$15 (full day)
Red Delpapa/Babe Ruth Park 70 South First Street, Tooele Barbeque grill, picnic tables (five), playground, baseball field No Reservations Required
Settlers Park 44 West 500 South, Tooele Pavilion, playground, barbecue grill $10 (1/2 day)
$15 (full day)
Skyline Nature Park 600 East Skyline Drive (450 South), Tooele Pavilion, walking/jogging path, restroom, barbeque grill, playground, swing set $15 (1/2 day)
$20 (full day)
Veteran's Memorial Park Corner of Main & Vine Street, Tooele No Pavilions at this Park
Wigwam Park 4 Canyon Road, Tooele $15 (1/2 day)
$20 (full day)
Youth Center 102 North 7th Street, Tooele See Youth Center Page