Dow James Recreation Complex

Dow James Building Address: 438 West 400 North, Tooele, UT 84074

The Dow James Complex is named in honor of Lauren Dow and Daniel James who made the supreme sacrifice for the citizens of Tooele County when they lost their lives fighting a wildfire near Stockton.  Read more about these heroes on the Firefighter Tribute page.
The Dow James Building is host to a wide array of community and private events.  The building has been the venue for such events as indoor walking, basketball tournaments, boutiques, the annual Gem and Mineral Show, and family gatherings.  The Dow James has also been the home of the Boys & Girls Club for 20 years.  Reservations will be made on a first come basis.

Questions? Please contact our Parks and Recreation Office at 435.843.2143

General/Business Use $30/hour & $50 Key Deposit Reservations for the current year open the first business of that year (typically January 2nd of each year).
Must make reservation online.
Nonprofit/Community Event* $15/hour & $50 Key Deposit Reservations for the current year open the first business of that year (typically January 2nd of each year).
Health & Recreation Use** $10/person/reservation period (3 months) & $50 Key Deposit Reservations for January – March will open the 1st business day of the month prior to the reservation period (for example reservations open December 1, 2020 for January 2021 reservations)

Reservations for April – June will open the 1st business day of the month prior to the reservation period

Reservations for July – September will open the 1st business day of the month prior to the reservation period

Reservations for October – December will open the 1st business day of the month prior to the reservation period
  • Must make reservation online.
  • Must provide a current certificate of liability insurance naming Tooele City as an additional insured and must have a $3,000,000 aggregate.  Liability insurance certificates may be emailed to parksandrec@tooelecity.org.
  • Must submit a current team roster.  Team roster may be emailed to parksandrec@tooelecity.org.

Letter to Sport Team Coaches,

We are experiencing an unusually high demand of requests for basketball practices at the Dow James building this winter season.  We were notified last year that Jr. Basketball programs were beginning to come back.  They have also increased in membership drastically.  In the foreseeable future we will only be taking block reservation requests for basketball sports teams at the Dow James, as this facility was and is geared for basketball.  This is similar to the priority we give to soccer teams for the soccer fields, and to baseball teams for the baseball fields.  At this time, we will be declining tentative reservation requests for sport practices other than basketball.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

All sport league block reservations for the Dow James can be made online at https://tooelecity.activityreg.com/selectfacility_t2.wcs. You can also reach the reservation site through tooelecity.org>Parks & Recreation Department. In the “Quick Links Menu” select “Online Registrations & Reservations”, select "Reserve a Park or Facility", then select "Dow James Building".  Login to your account before you select your day of the week and time slot.  Please note, reservations will only be scheduled for three-month blocks at a time.  You will only select one day and hour that you would like to practice. This date is the first date you would like your practice to begin (the remainder of the days will be scheduled by Parks staff, and will still be the same day and time that you requested).  All reservations will open the month prior to requested block. 

We have included some instructions for you to select your day and time.  All spots will be scheduled on the hour.

CONTRACT: We will need your roster and liability insurance certificate emailed to parksandrec@tooelecity.org before your request will be approved. No exceptions!!

  1. CONFLICTS: Block reservation is not a guarantee that you will get each requested day of those months, a resident might already have an event or family party scheduled on one of the block weekdays that you selected. You will receive a copy of your schedule, please follow the days assigned. The Dow James building is designed for basketball use and all basketball teams will have priority for reservations over other sports.
  2. EQUITABLE USE: In an attempt to make sure the general public can still reserve the building for birthday parties and other family/community events we are asking that you do not reserve Friday 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM.
  3. WHO: Only the head coach of each team is allowed to make the reservation, please do not have assistant coaches or a parent of the team members make a reservation for the team. This will help us in making sure each of the teams get a time to practice. Duplicate reservations will result in all of the team’s reservations being canceled.
  4. PAYMENT: Cost is a $50.00 deposit + $5.00 per participant. The system is set up for a minimum of 5 participants. You will then need to enter your total participants by using the “Sports Team ONLY” drop down menu to select the number of players on your roster. We will verify this with your email submitted roster and make sure that you are charged correctly. You will be required to enter your payment at the time of reservation. Payment will not process until we approve your block request. When your block request is approved you will receive an email with your receipt. We will also send you a copy of the transaction when we email you your completed contract.

Thank you,
Tooele City Parks and Recreation